A Royal Affaire began development in 1989 then snowballed from there.

Francesca, A Royal Affaire  -  Designer and Founder decided that she wasn't going to be stepped on any longer.  No sir. 

So she did what  any

person  with the title of doormat would do. 

She got a Better Title  And a Bigger Door,

and became a Self  Proclaimed Princess.  After all, that's what her necklace said.  Princess.  Actually, it said

" Italian Princess." 

Then her niece was born and by the time the child was talking,

the child decided that she was a Princess.

Now what to do?

Francesca decided that if you can't beat 'em,

Get Something Better

and so Francesca  became a Goddess and the rest is history.

In between a string of accidents,  A Royal Affaire

was tweaked and pampered.   Each time becoming better and more beautiful.  Francesca  did a few Test  dubs (Crowning Ceremonies)   and realized just where she needed to adjust, take away or fill in. 

This took a very long time but...

The end result is nothing short of amazing.

Be watching for A Royal Affaire to come to a town

near you.   We'll be there soon   -

To Make You -  The Royalty that You Always Knew that You Were Meant To Be.

PS.  you can come to us also.

A Royal Affaire

Crowning Ceremonies

A Royal Affaire Crowning Ceremonies    R.

c. 1992 -2022       All Rights Reserved.

King Frank

"Teaches With Class"

Through Imagination, Knowledge and Fun.

About Us

Queen Theresa


Princess Baby

A Royal Affaire

Crowning Ceremonies

Dubs Children, Adults and Pets Too.

That''s Right.  Their Very own Coronation Ceremony just for them.

We will come to your party to

Crown and Dub Thee Royal.

You see...

We Are The Addition

That you will Not Find Anywhere,

Not in Any Other

Celebration Plan.  You want your event to Pop.  To have that little extra something...

A Main Event if you will.

As We Are

The Only Royalty Maker Anywhere ...

We Are The Main Event !

At Your Main Event.

Here is Princess - and now she is a Real Live  Princess.

A Royal Affaire Crowning Ceremonies  c.  1992-2022

All Rights Reserved.


Huge Surprise just huge.

We have just received our newest US Registered Mark.

We are now the proud owners of:

"Crowning Ceremies In A Box."

Now you can Relive your Crowning Ceremony over and over again and receive all of the Royal Goodies which go with it.

Photo coming soon.

" Remember...  From 1 To 1001, There's A Royal Affaire  For Everyone."

Mama says....

"If you're going to have an affair - Have A Royal Affaire."

Go Ahead... Crown Them Royal.

They'll Be Glad You Did.

Be watching for our Computer and Phone Apps and Games.  Coming Soon.

For those of you out of the area, ask us about

Skyping your mini crowning ceremony.

   We Arrived and held Ceremony right in  his  Classroom.    All of the Children loved it and had a fun time seeing their wonderful teacher become Royal.

Happy Birthday

King Frank


Our Newest Royals.

The Royal Family of "Dunn."

King Paul Alexander, The First

Queen Victoria

Princess Abigail


Us For



What a nice way to raise money for a worthy cause and Still be able  to  give people what they want.  Like their own kingdom?


Remember Us For:

Holiday Gift Giving Time,   Family Reunions

Fundraisers,   Corporate Events

Secretaries Day,    Boss Day,  Grand Openings

Birthday's,    Anniversaries

Mother's Day,    Father's Day

Just For Fun Day

Nothing To Do Day

Boring Rainy Day

Office Parties,  Graduation Day,    Grandparents Day

Shake 'em Up Day,  Pets Day Too.

"  Any Reason Is A Good Reason To have A Royal Affaire."