Parents...Are you

Separated or Divorced?

What a better way to reaffirm your childs self-esteem at this difficult time?

​ ​Mommy and Me  / Daddy and Me

Crowning Ceremonies could make things

go  just a bit easierand make your time together

more special.

Mommy and Me   Royal Crowning

The Queen and Her Princess or Her Prince


Daddy and Me Royal  Crowning

The King and His Little Princess  or Prince.

  ALSO,  it's a great way to make the Weekend Visit

Extra Special. 

Something they will never forget.

Basic Package Plus

1 Adult 1 child

( 2 Crowning Ceremonies for a special price)


Don't forget Grandma and Me Crowning Ceremonies too.

Adult Ceremony Package  "Crown For One"

(Best for a Restaurant or Office Gift)


You Get:

Mini Ceremony

Pageant Quality Crystal Tiara or Crown

Crystal Scepter

Numbered Certificate of Authenticity 

(Suitable for Framing)

Comes With A Costumed Queen and Fanfare Background Music.

 For All Royal Packages -

* Please  Call For Details & Pricing *

We work by appointment only.

If you are in the Bergen County Area, Please stop in or arrange for us to come to you  for a private viewing of all A Royal Affaire offers and see how We can make your Royal Dreams come true.


We apologize for this bit of news but it has come to our attention that...

A Royal Affaire Crowning Ceremonies is considered a Service and therefore is subject to a service tax.  This fee is on top of our pricing guide.  Also, any of the props which are given  to the birthday child are subject to tax also.

Thank you for understanding.

We Are in the Planning Stages So

Be watching

For  Our First

Little Miss Royal Pageant.  2021/22

Coming Soon.

Please Call and Ask for Group Rate Pricing of our Family Reunion Packages.

  Who's Kingdom Will Rule?

 Corporate Events

If A Royal Affaire is paid to attend, a Flat Fee of (to be discussed)  is Required.

Crowning: (Dub ) Discount is An Additional  Cost,

   Is Discounted for Your Corporate Guests.  

Any Corporate Event Where

There is No Event Fee

There will be  a Full Basic Crowning Price.

Plus Each Guest in Attendance

Will Receive

The Full Basic Package Plus

A $20.00 Off Coupon on their next

A Royal Affaire Event.
These Guests may add their own kingdom for an additional Fee.

Adult Package A


Includes Basic Package Plus:

One  Goddess Statue

Registration of Their Parcel of Land for Their Castle to be in  Goddess-Land.

A Twenty Dollar Off Gift Certificate to use for themselves or to gift to a friend  towards a Future Crowning Ceremony.

Coming Soon

A Royal Affaire is Now Entering into

The Party Hosting and Event Realm.

Advanced Bookings Are Now Being Taken To Be held at

Our Own Party Palace.  Call Now For Details. 

Come Party With Us.  Come Join Us for

Our Own

"Princess Crowning Dance Parties"

Princess Crowning Dance Parties

carry a slightly different format than home parties. 

Please call for details.

We are proud to bring you Tiny Royals and Tweens

Dance Parties  too.

*****     Important to know...*****

Group Dub or Group Crowning

The Person Putting the Crowning Ceremony

Together is Known as The Hostess.

The Hostess / Host Royal   Must Have Four  or more friends in attendance all becoming Princesses, Goddesses, Queens etc. or if all Men,  All Kings, Lords, Princes etc.

The Hostess/Host receives a special thank you gift for holding her Crowning Ceremony or Group Dub as this is sometimes known as, and the Hostess Receives an Extra  Gift for any guest having their own Dub Event after Hers takes place.

The Guest's Event must be held within 2 months of her hostesses Ceremony.

Basic Package With Discount

Hostess Free with all the Royal Goodies.

Guests Pay Discount price   on Basic, Package A and Package B of their choice,

as long as they are all in the same Royalty mode.

Add-On's of your choice  are an extra charge:

Team Princess Games to be played at parties.

Photo Time with the Princess or Queen.

Red Carpet Walk.

Royal Etiquette Lessons.


Something Extra to Consider to make mornings

extra special.

1.  Breakfast with the Princess or Queen 15 to 30 Minutes.

A light Breakfast of Royal Treats are supplied by your Princess or Queen along with silver platters to be served on.  Your child keeps her silver platter. 

2.  Early Morning Flowers Delivered by the Princess or Queen  includes a Mini Crowning Ceremony.   30 minutes or less.

All Royal Visitations are accompanied by Royal Music and a Costumed performer, Beautiful Flowers are of Silk so that your child has a keepsake at hand with an Autographed card and Photo of her Princess or Queen then delivered by mail will be a photo of your child taken with your Royal Visitor.

3.  Bus Stop Crowning:

Let us know where your child gets onto the bus in the morning and right there in front of all her friends have her become a

Real Live Princess.

Please call for pricing.

  Platters and serving trays are

Not Actual Silver.  May be silver plate or a beautiful silver finish onlyof beautiful caterer, restaurant or banquet quality.

More Crowning's...

Childrens's Crowning Ceremonies


Tiny Royals Dance Social.  TM

$25.00  1 adult and 1 child

This Dance Social is for little ones ages 

1 to 4 years old who must escort

one single, divorced or separated parent.

You are never to young to learn to twist,  alley cat,  hokey pokey or bop around and  have a great time.  Make new friends and bring your old ones with you.

Must RSVP  201.952.2032

Saturday / Sunday Mornings. 

A Royal Affaire Crowning Ceremonies  c.  1992 - 2019

All Rights Reserved.  C.  TM and Registered.

Coming soon:

Children's Elite Package.

Adult Crowning Ceremonies

* Christmas Ornament Parties *

I make them to order while your guests party or get 5 or more friends together for a party and make your own ornaments.  I bring the supplies and the excitement.

Call for more details.

Anniversaries and Anniversaries With A Twist.

Depending on Which above package you want,

the Anniversary will be lots of fun.

But lets Suppose for a moment, that you have all of those fun little family secrets that you are just dying to spill.

What fun it would be to do it at your Anniversary Party with a Twist.

Pricing still in progress.  Please call if price is  not listed soon.

A Royal Affaire Crowning Ceremonies    R.

c. 1992 -2022       All Rights Reserved.

Child Mini Dub

A Mini Crowning for  just that right moment or a special gift for a job well done.

Mini Crowning Ceremony


and Certificate.

Perfect for  restaurant or small outing.

​​Can't be there to tell Mom or Dad that you are Expecting? 

No Worries here.

Let Us Tell them for you, in Grand Style of course.
Ceremony, Tiaras all the Royal  Gifts  except the title.  

Oh yes, the title.

That's because it's Extra Special.

 Her Royal Majesty Grand-mama and

His Royal Majesty Grand-papa.

Wow. Will that Baby be spoiled?  You better believe it. 

We can also be there to deliver the news of the  new delivery of 

the brand new royal to the family.

Call for details price to be determined  depending on location.

*******************************Don't Forget...

A Royal Affaire is now Entering into Party Hosting


The Event Realm.

Call for Details. 
Ask us about our Children's

Princess Crowning Dance Parties.


The Love Bug Express Singing Telegrams

$75.00 Local   Call for other pricing.

The Sweetest Song This side of the Rainbow.  Family Clean,  Costumed Singing Telegram

Tri state area only for now.

price plus travel out of Bergen County.

Send us to the Hospital, Nursing Home, Office,

Park, Restaurant.  Anywhere.

Specialty Packages for Someone Really Special

*  Her Royal Bitchiness,   * 

His Royal  P.I.A

*  The Diva Royal  *

Court Jester

* Child Mini Dub


Mini Ceremony, Certificate , Tiara or Crown

Special Introductory Price

Child Mini Dub is perfect for a younger sibling at big sister or big brother's party.

Introducing Our Newest Product which will soon be available:

"Crowning Ceremony in a Box"R


Now you can relive your Crowning Ceremony over and over again. 

A  thumb drive replays your crowning ceremony so you can re-live your special moment of becoming Royalty over and over again.  A terrific box filled with your Tiara, Certificate of Authenticity, jewlery, a small castle, princess statue, purse and more.  Pre order your "Crowning Ceremony in a Box" .  Call for info on pricing and our 

re-lease date.

Introducing:  Royals Night Out.

Call for complete Details, Address and  Pricing. 

Must RSVP Come prepared to be crowned.  Dress as Royal As You like.  Become a Hostess. Bring 4 friends to be crowned and

Your Crowning is Free.  A $150 .00 Value Free.

(your friends get  the same package plus a discount.)

Music, Dancing, Food, Royal Servers - Be Spoiled this one night...

and Ye shall be crowned. 

Call Now. Will be held in Paramus, NJ.

Guests will be in a raffle for a Free Child's Birthday Party.

Call for Details and Event Date.

* Package C * 

$2,095.00 Base Price

Add On's additional

Instant Kingdom

 & Instant Mini Kingdom (not shown)

This Package is the Priciest Real Estate in All The Land.
Your Kingdom is Reserved in the best location on the map.   Instant Kingdom.  New Royal Plus 12 Relatives and / or Friends are brought into this Kingdom.  King or Queen get Everything from Packages  Basic, A and B
New Royals to Kingdom receive Basic Package.  Townspeople to the kingdom get Certificates of Authenticity.

King or Queen gets to choose who is Crowned as Whatever he or she wants them to be.  Friends or Relatives have No Say in their Title which has been chosen for them.

Kingdom has a Veggie garden and Kingdom owner gets a Real Life donation in their name to Feed the Children, ASPCA, or Wounded Worriors.  Up to 20% of your Kings Ransom, excuse me, Kingdoms Taxes are used

for this. 

(mediforically speaking of course.)

In Reality, up to 20% of whatever is paid for Instant Kingdom goes to these causes in your name.

This is the Best package for Fundraisers

or to receive your own Kingdom.

Ask us all about it.  We would love to tell you

about our amazing packages.

*   Adult Package B   *  


Includes All Listed in Basic and Package A and Now Includes:

A Key To The Kingdom

A Castle on the Map  of  Goddess Land

with a Parcel # and Deed  to Your Royal Property, 

Located in the Proper Province

A Castle Statue

Two  Gift Certificates  for Twenty Dollars Off

of a Future

Crowning for You or a Friend.

VIR (Very Important Royal ) 

Seating at the Royal Gala

Place to be Announced.

Basic Wedding Package

 In Our Basic Wedding Package:  We  Oversee the Wedding Day Reception and Perform

The Crowning Ceremony for the Bride and Groom at The Wedding.


Bride:  Crystal Tiara / Groom:  Crown,   Bride and Groom Scepters,  

Bride and Groom Backscratcher's,   Framed Certificate,

Matching Keys to the Kingdom,   Castle Statue,   Kingdom on the Map,  Copy of Map showing your Kingdom, 

Deed to their Kingdom,   Invitation to the Royal Gala Seating at  the VIR Table.

Royal Book of Attendance which Includes Their New Kingdom:

Attendants: Bridesmaids: Ladies in Waiting,   Ushers:  Knights,   Guests:  Your Townspeople

They All Now and Forever are a part of Your Kingdom.

Complete Wedding Package.


I Go to the Attendants Place of Employment or Recreation while in costume and with Music Playing, I make the Royal Request that the person I am to see Receives the Royal Orders Requesting Their Presence to partake in the

Royal Ceremony.

The Rehearsal Dinner.

Attendants and Parents of the Bride and Groom Have their Crowning Ceremony at the  Rehearsal Dinner.

The Bride and Groom have their choice of being Crowned at the Rehearsal Dinner or at the Wedding.

Price Ranges depending on additional  Crowning:  We include  Up to eight attendants, flower girl and ring bearer. Additional Attendants May possibly be an additional cost.    Everyone in this package receives the following:

Tiara/Crown, Scepter, Certificate and Mini Ceremony.  Also Includes:  Keys to their own Carriage House, Parcel # and Deed on The Map of Goddess Land.   (attendants may upgrade to a Castle and kingdom upon a later upgrade  of their own A Royal Affaire Wedding  or special occasion.)  Each Wedding Party Attendant receives a $20.00 Off Gift Certificate on a Future Crowning of their choice.   Bride and Groom Get Everything listed in Wedding Package.

I Personally, attend and oversee at both the Rehearsal Dinner and the Wedding.

(Estimate Price Depending on How many in Party, Travel Area, Package etc.)

(Please call for more working details of how  your kingdom grows.

 Children's Party Format.

Children's Basic Party Package Includes

Party for Six
Party Goddess or Queen in Costume

Music, Mini Ceremony for One Child

Crystal Tiara or Crown

Scepter (where age allows)


Crow Time

Story Time

Song and Dance

Mini Princess Lesson

Invitation to the Grand Gala

Party and  Favors up to 6 children

All Party Formats may be subject to change.