I'll come to you and bring my Christmas Ornament Design Supplies and Make Your Guests Their Own Personalized Christmas Ornaments while they enjoy your party.  They can tell me which items they want on their ornaments and I will make them while they have a great time.

Please call for pricing as we are still at this stage.  And please don't forget to book us early as Christmas will be here before we know it.

     See below about how to have your own ornament making party where you and your guests have a fun time making their own ornaments and I

supply everything.
Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter is a great time to have your very own special

Christmas Ornament on your tree or on a shelf where you can keep it on display all year long.

     This ornament is most special because You helped to design it and you gave your guests the chance to design their very own Blessing Sleigh and other special ornaments.

Also, Think about having an Ornament Party where I bring all of my product and your guests make their own ornaments.

Lets have a fun time and Make it a Party.

Just invite 5 or more friends.

I'll bring the glue and glue guns, the sleighs, balls, crystals and all of the packages and miniature items needed to make Your Party Really Sparkle.

Please call for details.

Valentines Sleighs are on the Way.

Blessing Sleigh Ornaments are also available for individual sale.  Please call for pricing and delivery or pickup options.

Special Orders are available upon request.

All photos this page c. 2018 / 2019 All original Designs

no two exactly alike, exclusive Goddess Creations.

As Corporate Gifts or as Fundraisers and Birthday Parties for children, teens and adults,

These Ornaments are sure to please.

Call for Details.

Something New has been added...


Please keep in mind that I can also Host your party in my Design Studio :  Che' Francesca's.

You Bring your friends and I will supply everything you need for a sparkling, fun time.  Refreshments will be served, music will play and losts of holiday spirit will arrive even in July.   Please book your party soon as dates are filling up. 

*    Notice:

Thanks to the pandemic will will not be hosting any parties at our Design Studio.  However we will be hosting online sales parties winter 2023. Be looking for us on Social Media.  Call Back often for changes in scheduling.  Thank you.

"Shop Untill You Drop"  "Born To Shop" and tiny credit cards are in short supply.  First come first serve.  Get yours fast.

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Blessing Sleighs Are Not Only for Christmas but for All Year Long. 

Check out our entire line of Blessings Products.

This page is still under construction.  Please check back soon.  But until then check out this page.

Our Blessing Sleighs are the main feature and rightly so.

Sled colors are available in Red, Silver, Gold.

Flocked Bears are available in Pink, Blue, White, Lavender, Brown, Green.

Baby Bears, geese, penquins and more are also available.

Sleigh Items are added to our supply as they become available. 

We will be able to begin this area of our

Goddess Creations Product Line by July 2019.  

Until then you can call and book us for your parties.