Remember,  We're Not Just Parties.  We will make Any Event  whether it is for just one person or for several hundred people the Event of the Century.

We are a complete party program like no other.

Call us for an appointment to show you all about 

A Royal Affaire.  We can come to you or,

You can come to our beautiful studio/showrom/mini party palace located in

Paramus N.J.  and see firsthand how you can become a

Royal for Real.

(we do not list the address because we are quite often out of the palace  so we will usually  work by appointments only.

Please let us know when you wish to come by and we will  be there.)

 How Do We Begin? 

A Royal Affaire Crowning Ceremonies    R.

c. 1992 -2022       All Rights Reserved.

" A Royal Affaire...

Where Owning Your Own Kingdom Doesn't Cost

You Your Crown and Your Jewels. "  

F.H.C. 2015 c.

New To The Kingdom


Our Recent Royals.

We Welcome Thee.

Queen Theresa Halliday

Princess Baby Halliday

Dutchess Frances McGuiness

King Frank LeRose

Princess Halliday

Queen Debra Camara

Princess Victoria Camara

Princess Aylssa Brady

Queen Benita Smith

King and Queen Jim and Palma Rosenbauer

Prince Josh LeRose

Queen Dinorah Fernandez

Princess Veronica Concepcion

Princess Jennifer Mantilla

Princess Nasstassia Farmer

Princess Eva Concepcion

King Paul Alexander the 1st

Queen Victoria Mae

Princess Abilgail


Official Fairy Godmother to the Throne,   Lynne Shelley 

To The Royal Family of Dunn

Some of our Favorite Royal Movies:

The Princess Diaries 1 & 2


Ever After

Beauty and the Beast


Snow White

Miss Congeniality 1 & 2


Most  of the "Hallmark" and "Lifetime" Holiday Princess TV Movies


​​​Crowning Ceremonies  TM

A Royal Affaire Crowning Ceremonies  c.  1992 - 2022

All Rights Reserved.  C.  TM.  Registered

Our Tiaras  and Scepters are Not Toys.

Our Tiaras carry some serious weight  and are of excellent  quality. 

These Tiara's are

Pageant Quality.

We Are Available for All Events.

Advertising  and Grand Openings

Festivals, Fairs, T.V. and Radio Appearances as Well As Schools, The Office, Clubs, The Gym and other Social Events.  Remember Us for Fundraisers and Corporate Events also.

Don't forget us for Personal Birthdays, Mothers and Fathers Day, Anniversaries and Holiday Gift Giving time, Weddings, Showers, Banquets.

Family Reunions too.

Our Modes Of Royalty and Such

King, Queen, Goddess, Princess, Prince, Duke, Duchess, Diva Royal, Master, Lord, Emperor, His Royal P.I.A.,  Empress,  

Her Royal Bitchiness

Ladies -in-Waiting, Knights,

The Royal Court Jester,  The Royal Wizard,

Her Royal Majesty Grand-ma, 

His Royal Highness, Grand-pa and more.

Right Now we are Crowning Royals  in Northern Bergen County New Jersey and  Rockland County NY.

By Spring 2019, we plan to take it on the road visiting other counties and states in the good old USA Crowning anyone who feels that they too should  become Real Live Royalty.

Please See our  Pricing page  for Royalty Packages.

Then Call Us for Pricing.  Prices this  good must be kept locked away in the tower.   You can come to our design studio/show room to hear all about 

A Royal Affaire Crowning Ceremonies or we can come to you.

P.S.  Don't Be Shy.

If you feel that You should Become The Royalty that You were

Always Meant to Be,

Just Call Us.  We will Keep it Under our Crowns and make your Crowning  Nomination Ceremony a Secret to all in Royal Fashion.

You will have your Mini Ceremony with all of the Royal Gifts delivered right there in front of everyone and you will Be Royalty in Your Kingdom Forever.

All Right.  Did I hear someone say something about being Generational?  Yes I did.

Once You become a Royal, You and Your Decendants are Royal.

If you have children they become royal by blood.  When you marry and if you are already a Princess or a Goddess, guess what?  You then become a Queen and your Husband too,  he - becomes a King.  Of course you must both have your new  Crowning Ceremony and he must get his certificate and royal goodies.    But by now, you understand how it works.  

Plus,  we keep track of everyone in your Kingdom.  All of those Ladies in Waiting and Knights in your wedding party.  All of those Guests at your wedding are now Your Townspeople they are part of  your Kingdom and Perhaps starting their own Kingdom. 

It just goes on and on.

Oh This is Soooooo Much Fun.

And You started it all by deciding to become a Royal.

Oh, and you don't have to get married to become royal and receive your very own kingdom.  See our packages and give us a call.

We have Instant Kingdoms available where You pick who is in Your Kingdom.  The most fun is seeing your friends and families faces when You Give the Royal Orders and Tell them what part they play in Your Kingdom.
 Are they the dressmaker, candlestick-maker or the grocer?  Perhaps the royal chambermaid, cook,  the royal court jester or musical announcementier.

Not only that but they can not refuse His or Her Majesty.   It's so much fun.

​​I'm happy that you asked.

Is there someone that you would like to nominate to become a  Royal?

Someone perhaps that you think deserves his or her own  kingdom? 

Well you have come to the right place.

In most cases You plan the party or the festivities for the day or evening.  Then we show up at the appointed time so we are a surprise.

As the music plays, we make our Grand Entrance and announce

why we are there.

'We talk, verbally engage with our captive audience and have the To be crowned person come up and begin the mini Ceremony.

After the appropriate vows are said,

depending on the Royal to be and party age group and package taken into consideration, we get on with

the Royal Crowning.

If this is for children there is a different format taken which includes

The Mini Ceremony, story time, dance time, mini princess lessons etc. and very soon we will be hosting the parties at our own venue.

For adults it is more straight forward with lots of fun for all.  Especially if we are to have a Royal Crowning or Dubbing of a group of friends all being Crowned at the same time.  More on that later.

And don't forget,  You can get your very own kingdom depending on  which package

that you choose and purchase.

 More on that in  a bit.

We will be adding local Party Planning and Event Services

in the near future . 

Coming up "Princess Crowning Dance Parties"  and more.

Our Own Mini  Party Palace Is Here !!!

Visit us often.

How Long does this all take?
The Adult Ceremony can take as little as 10 minutes or as much as 20 to 30 minutes.  It all depends on the Audience Participation, Your time schedule and

How Many are to become Royals. 

Please don't forget...  The point of the ceremony is to Receive Your Own Kingdom and all of the good stuff that goes with it. 

Once your in...your in forever.

That's Right.  This program is Generational.  More on that later.

Individual Ceremonies for Children  can take as little as 15 minutes in a home or restaurant setting.  By the time your food arrives your child can become Real Live Royalty.

 At a Children's party we are there as the entertainment and it is not unusual to stay 2 hours -  2 1/2 hours depending on which party package is chosen.  This is when mom can relax and enjoy the party as we keep the party going either at your place or ours.

Please see our agenda of party mix-ins.